Banana Ripening Chambers 15 x10 x 10

Banana Ripening Chambers 15 x10 x 10

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15 x10 x10 FT3
Shipping Extra
Rs 263,598.00

Our Banana Ripening chambers are engineered to stimulate nature's ripening process without altering the taste or Freshness.

For excellent and best ripening of Banana,mango,papaya and other fruits following parameteres are required .

  • Banana Ripening chamber with proper insulation and flooring
  • Proper capacity Ahata make refrigeration machines with desired temperature.
  • Proper uniform  air cirulation system
  • Exact humidity level in chamber.
  • Natural and govy approved ethylene system with proper concentration level of ethylene.
  • Fresh air intake and exhaust system 
  • CO2 level controlling as per NHB standard.

You can Trust us we will give you best product ,economical, and best deal ,which will suite your complete requirment .


  • High humidity coil evaporator with built-in pre-cooling capability.
  • We are making ripening chambers as per NHB standards.
  • We are giving high CFM fans for uniform air flow sothat uniform ripening of banana ,mango,papaya can takes place 
  • Remote operation of the ripening chambers.
  • Pressurised and pull through air flow models
  • Gas based ethylene injection and liquid based generator option
  • We are also giving ethylene generator based solution for ripening .
  • We are giving small ethyelene spray bottles to ripen the banana 
  • CFC free refrigeration system in auto operation.
  • CO2 evacuating system with automatic controls
  • Web-based monitoring system (optional).
  • You can take excellent product in economical prices with full range of ripwning solutions.

Ahata Industries provides the Ripening chamber that has been designed with a number of fundamental design and user issues in mind such as energy efficiency, user friendliness, ease of loading/unloading, good lighting and safe and easy maintenance access. The result is a ripening system which is as hygienic in its appearance as it is practical and efficient in operation. At the same time as improving product appearance without dehydration, our fruit ripening system enhances the colour, taste and quality of your product.

Temperature Range:-

  • Chiller           12 to 25 deg C

Door Option:-

  • Flush type
  • Overlap type
  • Sliding type

Floor Type:- 

  • Panel with AL ch. sheet
  • Puff slabs with Kota stone

 Insulation material:- 

  • Puff (highly heat resistant material)


  • Wide temperature range and capacity
  • Pre-fabricated panels for easy assembly, cam lock in tongue and groove assembly
  • Food safe and CFC free
  • Micro-processor based electronic control panel board, digital temperature indicator
  • Energy efficient refrigeration systems attuned to suit high ambient conditions

Ahata Industries Ripening Chambers special features:-

  • Extra size condensor means, more cooling more C.O.P.,less power consumption
  • Tropicallized designing to perform in 50 deg C ambient conditions.
  • High capacity suction fans which can carry more suction heat and maintain humidity in cold room automatically.
  • Fully automatic electric/air defrost system.
  • Extra size condensor results low head pressure which means trouble free operation in summer
  • Special humidifiers are provider for better rapping of fruits. (Banana, Mango, Pipa)
  • Ethylene Generator are provider for better Quality of fruits. Central ripening fully automatic system with Co2 Sensor with fresh air intake and exhaust also provided.


Specification Title Specification Value
Size(LXWXH) 15X10X10 FT3
Ripening chamber temperature 4 TO 18 DEG C
Puf Panels
Specification Title Specification Value
Insulation Material Puf
Puf panel finish PP/PP
Insulation Thickness 60 MM
Floor inuslation should be same of puf panel thickness Puf Slabs
Ripening chamber door Overlap Type
Refrigeration Machine Features
Specification Title Specification Value
Refrigeration machine in HP 3HP

Refrigeration machine in BTU/HR at Evap. Temp. -5 Deg and condensing temp 35 deg C

Machine Quantity 1
Evaporator finish Prepainted
Evap. Fan size and quantity 12"/14"X3 No
Compressor Type Hermatic
Compressor Make Emerson Copeland
Refrigrant gas in units Not Filled
Refrigrant gas specification R-22
Piping insulation free with each machine 15FT
Compressor Model CR-36
Electrical Power Supply
Specification Title Specification Value
Electrical power supply 415V/50HZ/3PH
Power input in watts 2000
Packing Delivery & Taxes
Specification Title Specification Value
Despatch time after releasing the order 30 Days

Delivery will be within 22 days to 25 days after receiving the payment.


Extra as Per Site location & other Parameters


General Terms & conditions





50 % Advance along with the order.

50%  against PI before delivery of order





  • Unloading Goods from Truck at your site in your scope .positioning of material to installation place in your scope.


  • Copper Pipe 15' Ft Included Each Machine More Than 15' Ft Rs.1050/- Per round Ft will Be    Charged EXTRA
  • Stabilized or Servo For  Power Supply With MCB Near Machine & Door in your scope
  • Zero Level Pucca Floor, Hard Cemented Leveled Floor for Installation all Itoms
  • Frieght/Transportation Extra from Bawana Ind. Area Delhi to Destination (Site)


  • Any or other civil Work (Kota Stone) in your scope.
  • Foundation civil work , Iron Agnle Stand / Iron Chowki for Condensing Unit in your Scope.
  • Ticket, Stay & Food, Drinking Water Arrangement for Installation Team  & Service Team in warranty Beyond Delhi NCR in your Scope
  • Provision of Stabilsed, Suitable Electric supply terminating in an isolating switch within 1.5 m for each condensing unit.


  • Provision of Drain Traps for condensed water at points specified by us ,we will provide maximum 5 mtr drain pipe with the machine extra drain pipe work will be in customer scope or charged extra.


  • Receiving of the equipment at site and safe storage of the same shall be your responsibility ,if during installation any material found sort or in damage form that will be in repaired or provided on chargeable basis .


  • Gas charging will be provided free of cost for the first time in warranty period. After that it will be charged.







This proposal is subject to the following conditions of Sale.  No variation/s or alteration/s or addition/s to these conditions will be binding on us, notwithstanding that such variation/s, alteration/s, addition/s are contained in  your acceptance of this proposal, except when they are specifically accepted in writing by us.




Validity: - This proposal is valid for a period of 30 days from date hereof and thereafter subject to our written confirmation.



Specifications: - In line with our policy of continual improvement we reserve the right to modify the design and change the specifications of any material, if in our opinion such modification constitutes an improvement or is in accordance with revised standards or manufacturing methods.  Therefore, specifications, illustrations, dimensions and weights  given or agreed to by us in our proposal, catalogues, drawings,  photographs etc.are not binding in detail.



Price: - The quoted prices are as per the Costing Sheet. GST will be charges EXTRA as applicable



Taxes & Duties: - Rupee Price quoted is are Ex-works and are inclusive of Excise Duty /

 Custom Duty at currently prevalent rates.  Any variation in rates of Excise duty / Custom duty or any change in method of computation thereof until delivery will be to your account.

Local / Central Sales tax @28% on Machine & 18% on PUF is EXTRA,

Our offer does not include any Octroi / Toll / Cess / Entry or similar tax.  The same will be payable by you directly to the authorities.




Insurance: - Insurance during transit will extra and will be in customer scope if demanded by the customer.




Delivery Period: - The equipment shall be ready for dispatch in approximately 8 weeks from the date of receipt of acceptable order and advance payment and approved drawings.  While we shall Endeavour to meet the agreed delivery date, under no circumstances, we shall be liable for any damages, cancellations or otherwise for failure in meeting the delivery date.

Installation: - 1-2 weeks from the date of receipt of material at site, provided all the works in your scope are ready by the time, the material reaches the site.


Godown/Store  Charges :- If customer donot pick the material  within 02 months after releasing the order than material will be shifted to godown from factory and rental charges of Rs 2000/- per day will be paid by customer .



Terms Of Payment: - 50% advance with order & balance on intimation of readiness of dispatch or against inspection at our Warehouse. Incase of Imported Items the payment terms will be 100% advance with irrevocable LC.


For Installation- 50% mobilization advance along with order and balance 50% against completion..




Warranty: - Subject to terms of payment agreed upon being punctually complied with and the equipment being operated properly, The machinery covered by this contract carries a Guwarranty against manufacturing defects for period of 1 Year warranty.  If any part of the equipment is put to use earlier for any reason, whatsoever, the warranty period will commence from the date of such use.





We agree to repair / replace such parts which may prove defective and which do not fail from neglect or misuse or faulty operation.


(A)This Warranty:

  1. Does not extend to consequential damage or loss;
  2. Is null and void if repairs and modifications are carried out without our approval in writing;
  3. Does not cover damage due to normal wear and tear;
  4. Does not cover deterioration or failure of equipment, controls, due to corrosive atmosphere,rusting;
  5. Does not cover supply of consumables items like refrigerant, oil etc.
  6. Does not cover damage due to fluctuation in voltage or machine without good quality servo .
  7. Ticket, Stay & Food, Drinking Water Service Team in warranty Beyond Delhi NCR in your Scope


B. Extended Warranty:  - It will be entertained as Comprehensive annual maintenance contract on chargeable basis.



Property Rights and General Lien: - As unpaid vendors we shall retain the property rights in the equipment and material supplied by us under this contract and our rights of lien and

resale, until full value thereof as per our bill is paid to us.  We shall also be entitled to a general lien on our equipment and material in customer's possession under the contract for monies for the time being due to us from the customer, on any account and shall be entitled to apply payment already received to monies due to us under any other order or orders.



Cancellation Charges: - If any order or part of the order is cancelled, the same shall be subject to cancellation charges including compensation for costs, expenses and losses incurred by us up to the date of cancellation.As this is customized item so cancellation charges would be 25 % of the total  order value .



Limitation to Liability :- In no event shall we be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising out of or connected with this order in any way whatsoever



Force Majeure: - No penalty / liability shall be attached to us for non-performance or delayed execution of this order as a result of force majeure.



Arbitration: - In case of any dispute or difference arising out of this contract the same shall be referred to Arbitration by a panel of three Arbitrators, one each to be appointed by either party or the third by the two Arbitrators so appointed.  The provisions of the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 shall apply to such Arbitration.  The Arbitration proceedings will be held in New Delhi.




Jurisdiction :- This agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in the City of Delhi


For Ahata Industries– Known for Quality


1 year warranty against any manufacturing defect.